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Robe chosen for Church in Florida

Thirty-five Robe moving lights have been installed into St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Boca Raton, Florida.


Thirty-five Robe moving lights have been installed into St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Boca Raton, Florida. The venue is a newly converted former gymnasium, which is now a fabulous 650 seat concert venue for Christian artists and performers and an active worship centre, as well as continuing as a gym for the church school’s athletics activities.

The fixtures were specified by Patrick Daniel Trombly, general manager of installers Zebedee Systems from Pompano Beach, Florida, and Robe America’s Tony Perez. Zebedee has installed similar systems in several other houses of worship and in this case they worked directly for the church.

Mindful of the standards of technology now available for the home and the fact that people now are quite aware of, and expect to see and hear good lighting and sound when they go out, Trombly decided that the venue needed cutting edge production technology. He chose Robe moving lights for a number of reasons including flexibility, reliability and the right price.

Most importantly, they also liked the quiet operation of the fixtures. This was essential as one of their primary functions is to light regular Sunday morning church services. They were also impressed with other more subtle elements like the quality of the light, the vibrancy of the colours, and the fact that the whites look warm and inviting and not harsh and metallic as they do in some moving lights.

Robe makes up the entire lighting rig – including 10 ColorSpot and 8 ColorWash 575ATs – picked for their expedient size. These are joined by 5 ColorMix 575ATs with a 86 degree lens, four each of the ColorSpot and ColorWash 250AT and four ColorMix 250ATs. They are controlled from a ROBE Cyber Control.

The lights are positioned across roof trusses over the stage (and over the basket ball court) and are in constant use for all the concerts, functions, services and corporate events taking place in St Paul’s. They have proved hugely popular with everyone using the venue.

The moving lights give the church the scope to transform the square room into three distinct sections. For the gymnasium, they use the ColorSpot and Wash 575ATs, for specials effects during basketball and volleyball games – which no other venue can offer. They can create a colourful but natural and spiritual worship centre on Sunday morning, and they can also convert the venue to a full on concert facility.

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