Sustainability at Robe

Robe s.r.o. is a global company that pursues a proactive policy of sustainable trading and business practices where possible, and takes its responsibility to employees, the community, and the planet very seriously. The company has focused on this approach to its development and growth since it was founded in 1994. Since then, it has been committed to ensuring that both its production processes and products are genuinely greener and more environmentally friendly.

The interest in bringing innovative and emerging technologies to the market can be traced back to the company’s roots. The “Think of the Future Consider Nature” marketing campaign was one of many memorable early brand activations from the last decade, highlighting a philosophy at the heart of Robe’s operation. 

As a pioneer in researching, designing, and producing professional lighting products – for architectural to entertainment / performance / show lighting – many major Robe LED-based product lines have enabled lighting specifiers and their projects to benefit from the associated power saving, extended light source longevity and multiple other advantages of this technology. 

Product longevity for resource conservation

Robe Products are designed to last as well as to offer long term reliability, engineered and built for continuity between generations of ‘industry standard’ genres of luminaire, applying sustainability across Robe’s entire portfolio. 

Making every product as versatile as possible ensures maximization of the invested resources and energy with each one working on as many different events as possible during its lifespan.

This encourages Robe’s clients and investors to stay with these product ranges over time, often adding to their total stock over many years. This core continuity means designers and creatives can be confident in the product quality and dynamics and know they will work together with precision and style. 

The LEDWash 600™ was originally launched in 2010 and became an ‘industry standard’ product which is still relevant now, when Robe is producing the third generation of this luminaire complete with compatibility modes. Or the Pointe® – which is still a current product and ‘state-of-the-art’ in its class since its 2013 launch.

Adding to this, Robe offers a minimum of 10 years guaranteed spare parts availability after a product life cycle has ended, and if we can still source spare parts from suppliers or produce them in our own factory, we will do – so it is not a rarity that some of the very early Robe products are still rocking! 

Making products maintainable

Most recently, Robe was the first company to develop a fully ‘TRANSFERABLE’ LED light engine for professional stage lighting products, making the exchange of the engine a simple procedure that can be carried out in just a few minutes. 

This offers a far longer service life than luminaires with LED light sources that are not user-replaceable, or only at a disproportionately high cost.

This “TE™” technology is born from real practical experience and several years of development. It ushers in a new mindset, as well as improving the overall quality of LED lighting and boosting its longevity and relevance. 

TE™ technology is hugely flexible.

Being in control of building the engine itself, Robe can take advantage of constant improvements in the world of LED – like intensity and efficiency – and can also produce custom engines for specialist requirements, all without the need to produce another dedicated fixture.

Considering our footprint

To stay working smartly and sustainably, and to measure our impact on the environment, we are constantly setting targets for self-improvement through reviewing, updating, and implementing policies and working practices at our factory in Valašské Meziříčí.

This includes monitoring the materials and techniques used to ensure that wastage is minimised and that all our manufacturing processes are as clean as possible and not consuming excesses of water and electricity. 

Recycling is actively promoted in all departments including heat created during the production processes. Offices throughout the factory complex are lit with LED fixtures

Reducing CO2 emissions from transport

Building a manufacturing base in the Czech Republic was a conscious decision to ensure reliability and quality of components and end products, as well as to initiate shorter supply chains with less transportation required to assemble the finished products.

Humans are a core driver for sustainability

Robe has become a key employer in the region, offering a variety of job, training and career opportunities encompassing a diversity of skills to our local community, and through this and other avenues, we are proud to be contributing positively to the economy.

It is our belief that Robe’s strength lies in its people. We are proud of our low staff turnover and high loyalty, and the welfare and well-being of those working in all departments is central to our day-to-day operations. Everyone can enjoy a positive, clean working environment where staff facilities include a contemporary canteen with nutritious food, gym / fitness centre and electric vehicle charging points. Regular extracurricular events include family days plus other group activities

Thinking and acting for the long term

Robe believes in using its business, resources, and influence to inspire much wider and ‘bigger picture’ solutions in the world of entertainment and architectural lighting, and by harnessing the power and potential of new technologies to assist in contributing to a healthy environment that will help safeguard a future for all.

While product continuity is crucial, so is the whole industry infrastructure, and we believe in investing in young talent through our Next Robe Generation (NRG) program.

We are dedicated to making a difference wherever and whenever we can. 

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